Book Your Vacation At One Of These Niagara Falls Hotels!

Niagara Falls Canada has been a great vacation destination for travelers of all kinds for years.  These three hotels in Niagara Falls, the Embassy Suites Fallsview, Four Points Sheraton Fallsview, and Ramada Niagara Falls, provide different types of accommodations to suit a variety of travelers needs.  All three of these Niagara Falls hotels offer great vacation packages that will save you money and ensure that you’re Niagara Falls experience is everything that you expect.  Just click the icon of the hotel that you are interested in and you will be brought to their official site.  The Fallsview is featuring these Niagara Falls hotels because we feel they offer the best accommodations and value for your travel dollar.  It’s that combination, value and quality, that make for an enjoyable stay during your Niagara Falls vacation.

Fallsview Is The Only Way To Stay In Niagara Falls

This is the view from your hotel room at the Embassy Suites Fallsview.  You can see why we recommend staying here while in Niagara Falls.  Even though there are so many things to see and do in Niagara Falls, the reason you choose it as your vacation destination is the falls itself.  There are literally hundreds of hotels to choose from in Niagara Falls, but very few can offer the type of view that you see here.  Choosing a hotel on Fallsview Blvd not only provides you with the best view of Niagara Falls from your hotel room, but it adds a level of convenience to your vacation in Niagara Falls.  Convenience can be the difference between a good vacation and a great vacation.  Many of the hotels in the Fallsview Tourist District are within walking distance to Niagara Falls, the casino, and the best restaurants.  The Embassy Suites Fallsview and  Four Points Sheraton Fallsview are two of the best.  Both hotels offer Niagara Falls vacation packages.

Niagara Falls Entertainment

Niagara Falls has a lot more to offer travelers than a look at one of the wonders of the world, your Fallsview vacation will include the best in dining and entertainment.  Whether you are traveling with your family of four, on a romantic get-a-way, or even on business,  Niagara Falls has everything that you are looking for.  While vacationing in Niagara Falls, adults can enjoy gambling at the amazing Fallsview Casino Resort, or the Casino Niagara.  You can enjoy a show by world class entertainers, or have dinner and cocktails at some of the finest restaurants anywhere.  All with a great view of Niagara Falls of course.  The Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls has all the makings of a Las Vegas hotel casino.  If you have never been to Niagara Falls and you are looking for a casino experience, you will not be disappointed if chose to stay at the Fallsview Casino Resort.

There are so many things for kids and families to enjoy in Niagara Falls as well.  Cliffton Hill, known as the street of fun in Niagara Falls, provides entertainment for kids and adults alike.  There are fun family restaurants in Niagara Falls like Dave & Buster’s and The Rain Forest Cafe.  Clifton Hill almost has a theme park atmosphere complete with the rides and games that kids love.  Just a block away is the indoor water park which allows those families vacationing in Niagara Falls in the winter the opportunity to enjoy some summer fun.  All of this is just a short walk away from Niagara Falls as well.  Casino Niagara is also in the Cliffton Hill area of Niagara Falls.  Casino Niagara was the first casino introduced to Niagara Falls about 15 years ago.  It doesn’t have all of the features that the Fallsview Casino Resort does like a hotel, shows, or shopping for example.  But Casino Niagara does have two large gaming floors and some very impressive restaurants as well.

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